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  • Our motivation

    When I first came up with this idea I was in not in a good place. I was down, stressed, emotionally and mentally drained. I started to say to myself I need something to pick me up and give me a little hope that there are better days and sunlight coming. Then I was sitting outside one day and said to myself I'm not the only one... others need this too. Why just me... How can I help others realize that it's ok to be different, it's ok to be not ok all the time, it's ok to be you no matter what.. Why does society make us feel like we are not enough, we are different, we are not skinny enough. Then people start judging other people " oh look at what she's wearing" or " omg look at her hair". It's like I just woke up one day and had a slap in the face. We are all better different and unique the way that we were made and don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise. These products are created with love and uniqueness in mind. I would love to that you all in advance for taking the time to look at and hopefully enjoy our products as much as I do.